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Technology Consulting and Product
We are a technology and business driven firm, with solutions tailor-made for companies across domains. Our cutting edge technology solutions keep you on the leading edge of your business. Our team of highly competitive consultants offer avant-garde as well as progressive end-to- end solutions customized for your long-term success.

Demystify, simplify, multiply. It’s as simple as that.

Application Architect – Techno Functional Consultants:

Here, we make smart technology smarter.

Our Application Architect with its finger-on- the-pulse ERP solutions using Oracle Apps, SAP and MS Dynamics enables you to keep your business in pace with the emerging technologies. Our passionate techno-functional consultants will research your various applications, systems and infrastructure, present structured fact sheets
on data flow and work flow analysis, so together, we can boost your business .

E- Commerce / Services – Consulting:

Our E-Commerce consulting division has just the right know-how to craft technology with mobility to take your business to the next level, in terms of profits and posterity.

Our experienced team of e-commerce technologists blend emerging trends with endless possibilities and furnish you with an effective road map to success, to ensure your business runs smoother. We understand the need and importance of integrating the E-Portals into highly reliable and user friendly mobile apps.

Offshore Support:

We bridges business gaps by delivering development specific solutions to customers.

Our dedicated team of functional and technical consultants provide support to resolve issues related to ERP products like Oracle Apps, MS Dynamics, SAP and JD Edwards. Our host of resources work in two ways — as complements to an in-house team or as independent consultants – enabling businesses to benefit from a wide variety of development options and a vast pool of skilled resources.

In every challenge, we see valuable opportunity, and that’s why, we ensure exceptional results.

Upgrade Projects:

We provide a range of inbuilt tools to address specific challenges in terms of customization, data migration and cut-over strategies which are critical to an upgrade project.

Our talent pool of experienced functional and technical resources understands the challenges of upgrade projects and provides accurate solutions for each of them through our specialisation in Oracle Apps upgrade & SAP upgrade.

Our Oracle upgrade services are a perfect fit for companies looking to reduce IT complexity and cost with no impact to day to day business processes. The upgrade offers increased operational efficiency, improved productivity, and expert functional analysis – the tool is designed to minimize downtime, maintaining continuity with higher performance and usability. And best of all, it’s all tailor-made.

No more worries about data loss and inconsistencies during software up-gradation, we have you covered.

Integration of Discrete Systems:

We understand the need for data harmonization to ensure seamless flow of data between multiple applications and systems. Our patented software, Middle Ware, is fast, scalable and powerful, and enables cross-platform ortability, integrates discrete systems and eliminates data redundancies and duplications.

Our e-Source – Transform to e-Form (Data Capture @ Source):

We have designed an app that can be installed on either tablets or mobile phones. It captures data @ source electronically and is integrated real time with the application system be it SAP or otherwise. We also provides a visual check list based entry screen to save time, avoid mistakes and add only incremental data in the course of business process.

The app is not just inventive, it’s intuitive too.

Value Accretion Training Programs & ERP
Application Reviews

The successful businesses of tomorrow are those that can anticipate trends and align themselves with them.
And that’s what our value accretion training programs are all about. Aimed at equipping you with the skills and knowledge to mould financial models for your company, our program explores the dynamics of key and emerging global trends and how it can impact your business.

Our knowledge of ERP Applications can provide business benefits that will significantly improve the productivity of your resources. Our certified trainers exhibit high levels of professionalism and understand the importance of enhancing the value of your time and money spent.

The SAP software system is customized to suit a company’s inherent needs, and achieve streamlined and efficient business, with sustainable and consistent training that provides long-term support and knowledge transfer.

At the end of the day, it’s about driving good business. So get behind the wheel with Us!!

Security Standards

Unlike other aspects of business, security isn’t about profits, it’s about benefits. All it takes is one small slip in security for a business to lose credibility and to be exposed to liability. Here, our host of resources who specialize in IT governance, ensure that your company’s security standards are protected and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

IT governance audits include reviews of the organization’s fiduciary responsibility in satisfying the quality of IT delivery services while aligning the business objectives and establishing an adequate system of internal controls.

Security Standards – Implementation & Audit

We undertake the implementation and audit of information systems (IS) security standards, to identify security flaws in the design, development or deployment of an application. Our audit assesses the organization’s critical systems, technology architecture and processes to assure information assets as stated in ISO 27001 and

Application Evaluation Services – Consulting & Audit

Our audits are objective and professional, utilizing the COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) framework, an international standard for good IT control practices. We offer this service for Oracle Apps, SAP, MS Dynamics and JD Edwards.

We also specializes in conducting post implementation reviews to give customer a GAP analysis and recommendations to enable them to enhance their return on investments (ROI).

Work secure. Work to standards. Work with Us!!