Training and Development

37023085 - smartphone with finance and market icons and symbols conceptAt Aquilae, we don’t just offer services; we invest in the future. Explore a world of growth with our Training and Development programs, extending beyond corporate boundaries. Our commitment goes beyond business – we’re dedicated to nurturing young minds through our partnership with Unmaze.

Our curriculum, featuring GST, the 3C program, stock market trading, financial communication, authenticity in leadership, and a commerce lab, is designed to mold well-rounded individuals. We offer bifold training focusing on employability and entrepreneurship, preparing graduates for both corporate and entrepreneurial journeys.

“Breaking the complex into simple and presenting the ordinary, extraordinary” defines us. We specialize in simplifying complex topics, making them accessible to students from all disciplines. Our seminars and workshops bridge the gap between formal education and practical corporate demands. Join us to empower the next generation with skills that transcend academic and professional realms.