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Get To Know Your Silk'n Jewel, Page 11: Long-Term Hair Removal The Silk'n™ Way, Page 23: Lernen Sie Ihr Silk'n Jewel Kennen, Page 27: Verwenden Sie Silk'n Jewel Nicht, Wenn, Page 31: Langfristige Haarentfernung Nach Silk'n, Page 44: En Savoir Plus Sur Votre Silk'n Jewel, Page 48: Consultez Votre Médecin Avant Utilisation Fr, Page 51: Épilation Longue Durée, La Méthode Silk'n, Page 71: Langdurige Ontharing Op De Silk'n-Manier, Page 88: Consulte Con Su Médico Antes De Utilizarlo Si Tiene, Page 91: El Método De Silk'n™ De Depilación A Largo Plazo, Page 108: Contacte O Seu Médico Antes De Usar Se Tiver, Page 111: Remoção De Pêlo A Longo Prazo, O Método Da Silk'n, Page 127: Μη Χρησιμοποιήσετε Το Silk'n Jewel Εάν, Page 128: Συμβουλευτείτε Τον Γιατρό Σας Πριν Από Τη Χρήση Εάν Έχετε, Page 132: Αποτρίχωση Μακράς Διάρκειας Με Την Silk'n, Page 145: Silk'n Jewel Cihazınızı Tanıyın, Page 146: Silk'n Jewel Kullanırken Güvenlik, Page 148: Şu Durumlarda Silk'n Jewel Cihazınızı Kullanmayın, Page 149: Aşağıdaki Durumlardan Herhangi Biri Sizin Için Geçerliyse Cihazı Kullanmadan Önce Doktorunuza Danışın, Page 152: Silk'n™ Tarzı Uzun Süreli Tüy Giderme, Page 166: Il Fattore Sicurezza Con Silk'n Jewel, Page 169: Prima Di Applicare Il Dispositivo, Consultare Il Proprio Medico In Caso Di, Page 170: Potenziali Effetti Indesiderati, Page 172: Rimozione A Lungo Termine Dei Peli Con La Soluzione Silk'n, Page 191: Langsiktig Hårfjerning Med Silk'n-Måten, Page 206: Använd Inte Din Silk'n Jewel Om, Page 207: Kontakta Din Läkare Innan Användning Om Du Har, Page 210: Långsiktig Hårborttagning På Silk'n™ Vis, Page 223: Sikkerhed Ved Brug Af Silk'n Jewel, Page 229: Langvarig Hårfjernelse Med Silk'n. Our globally renowned products have set the benchmark for in-home beauty care, and have been acclaimed as the leader in professional aesthetic devices by many health professionals and dermatologists. That’s why we recommend shaving the hair, never waxing or tweezing it, or using depilatory hair-removal creams. Discover an entirely new approach to long term home hair removal with the Silk’n Jewel 250K. Make sure your skin is clean and freshly shaven. From there, you should resume treatment if hair has grown back and continue to treat until you achieve your desired result. Please read through your Silk’n Jewel user manual for a complete list of safety recommendations for your device, or get in touch with us for support. The Silk’n Jewel should not be used on tattooed skin, or on top of raised moles, freckles or beauty marks. Use sun block or cover up the areas you are treating so your skin does not darken. Do this same sequence of testing and waiting, at each energy level, for each area of your body. With Silk’n hair removal devices, you can enjoy quick treatment sessions on your arms, legs, face and bikini areas without any pain or discomfort and in the privacy of your own home. This is why multiple treatments are needed to achieve hair removal. Usually, individuals see results after three or four treatments. Our products are especially made to make life easier and more comfortable. I have had the device for Yes, this product will give you the same results you would get from a professional device. This hair removal device works by emitting pulses of light for long-lasting and painless hair removal, just like an IPL treatment in a salon. When hair follicles are in the proper growth phase, they absorb the light energy. Don’t feel rushed to treat your desired area – take the time you need. But, we have found using the Silk’n Jewel to remove neck and back hair from men has been highly successful. Silk’n began 10 years ago when esteemed scientists, engineers and professionals set out to develop home use cosmetic devices. Now use it for face from cheeckbone down, underarms and hust started my legs. Let's get ready for summer! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Silk’n devices emit a pulse of light when placed flush against the treatment area. My review of the Silk'N Jewel at home hair removal - YouTube As with all our Silk’n hair removal devices, you should space your treatments two weeks apart for the first three to four sessions you use it. STEP 1: Use on clean, shaved, dry skin. STEP 1: Use on clean, shaved, dry skin. « Silk'n FaceTite est une solution complète : de l'énergie radiofréquence, LED et infrarouge qui stimule les fibres d'élastine et de collagène, et ce en complément de l'acide hyaluronique. Get an in-depth look into the Silk’n Jewel hair removal device by reading through our frequently asked questions. During the hair removal process, it may look like new hair is growing – but many of these will fall out after two weeks. Today, 10 million Silk’n devices are being used to create smoother, softer, tighter and hair-free skin. We do remind our users that men’s facial hair can be hard to treat, and using the Silk’n Jewel or other HPPL-based devices may not achieve the look desired. 1. In addition, the Silk’n Jewel has a safety mechanism that automatically protects your eyes. I received the Silk’n Flash & Go Express complementary from Influenster to test and review, however, all opinions are of my own as always. Silk'n is owned by Home Skinovations, an "A+" rated, accredited company with the Better Business Bureau. Once you’ve done this, move progressively to the highest energy setting that is safe for you and feels comfortable for your skin. Treatment may result in an unnaturally smooth look on the face, instead of the desired “freshly shaven” look. Using the Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel might be a bit intimidating the first time you use it, but over time you’ll come to realize it’s super easy. To do this, you can try using cosmetic scissors or an electric trimmer. Silk’n UK and Europe advise you can use the Infinity after sun bathing and sun exposure, but only on intensity level 1. We recommend you let your hairs naturally fall out on their, which should begin to happen gradually after about two weeks of treatments. Using only one button to switch the device on and off and to change the power level, means your home hair removal sessions can now be done in a blink of an eye! Many physicians and aestheticians who use light or laser devices for hair removal have encountered the phenomenon of a patient’s or client’s hair growing back lighter and finer following treatment. At Silk’n, we’re all about You. So, we always recommend using the Silk’n Jewel on freshly shaven skin.

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