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Unless you’re planning to DIY it, water softener system costs include labor expenses and installation. If you have a three-person household, it’s safe to say you’re using roughly 300 gallons per day. Call 093 60705 According to theUS Geological Survey, the average person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. This is one of the few softeners that filters iron, calcium, magnesium so will definitely meet your needs. A poor quality cheap budget softener model can have the annual operating costs (salt and electricity) of more than $120 per year. Save up to 30% of the water heating costs while protecting your water installations and equipment. How much do water softeners cost? Or for a water consumption of more than 2000 liters per day. At 10 grains per gallon, that means your water softener regenerates once every ten or eleven days. The costs associated with ion exchange, though, are much more severe than any other system. If you’d like to avoid the health consequences of increased sodium consumption, you could buy a bag of potassium every month, which will probably run you anywhere from $20-25. When it comes to popularity and number of sales, Fleck SXT is by far the most popular water softener model with the best customer reviews. How Does a Water Softener Work? Commercial grade systems run $5,000 to $14,000 to purchase and install. Premium Filter-Salt Free Softener Alternative Combo PRO Series- FS1500PRO- Catalytic (Chloramine), Premium Whole House Water Filter PRO + Clarify Disinfection, Premium Salt Free Water Softener Alternative PRO Series - FS500PRO, Premium Whole House Water Filter PRO Series- FS1000PRO- Catalytic (Chloramine) 1 Million Gallon, Best Water Softener System and Company Buying Guide | Filtersmart. This cost includes an initial water test by a local contractor, the cost of the water filter system, installation labor and all supplies needed to complete the project. Magnetic water softeners may cost just under $100, or as much … You have entered an incorrect email address! effective, the resulting limescale prevention is unfortunately pretty negligible. In general there are five factors that a water treatment professional will consider when giving you a quote for a water softening system: Size of System: The system size is based on three things, a) How much water needs to be softened, b) The size of the home or number of water fixtures in the home to ensure adequate water pressure, c) The hardness level of the water. . We have lived with just an iron filter system for years but conditions have changed and we now need a softener and better iron remover. A small and simple water filter for a single faucet in a house does not cost much. Complexity of the job. Utilizing household water pressure as its energy source, the CATALYTIC 1000 converts hardness producing calcium bicarbonate into Calcite – an internationally recognized, environment friendly, sequestering (water softening) agent. Sodium is much cheaper than potassium, but if you need to be able to drink the softened water (without salt), you may have to bear the extra cost. For comparison, that means you’re wasting abouteight hot tubs of water per year. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt Review – Is It Really WORTH It? At the other extreme are the water purification systems for the entire house, which cleanse and soften all the water that enters your home. The cost might not be all that great, but the environmental footprint is certainly much worse than it has to be. Water softening systems involve a resin bed that swaps the calcium and magnesium for sodium ions. effective magnetic water softeners on the market, but it’s going to be difficult to separate the legitimate systems from the snake oil. Finally, you’ll have to factor in the waste water with ion exchange systems. Furthermore, you’re going to have to change out the resin once it expires, as well. As an Amazon Associate this site may earn from qualifying purchases. But I know that the price is important when you buy a water softener so let’s get down to some figures. What you need to know before buying a Water Softening filtration system for your home... How much does it cost to install a water … Now that you know there are different factors involved here are the different levels of cost involved. How much does a water softener system cost? Some water softeners, though, like those that rely on salt or potassium, have significant recurring costs that could add up over time. Carbon replacement: $150 for high-grade Jacobi Carbon once every one to three years. water softening system cost. It makes your clothes whiter and brighter and of course makes cleaning very easy. How much is the installation of a water softener? Because of this, many people do not like to go for Salt based systems. The cost might not be all that great, but the environmental footprint is certainly much worse than it has to be. No water softening system removes much iron over 5 ppm. Salt-free water softeners range in price from about $1,300 to $3,000. (And What Do They Do). While the softener cost may seem like a lot of money, the life of a branded water softener is usually about 15 years. For water softening, therefore, the removal of these minerals from the incoming water supply, so that the water is better usable for daily activities. Water softeners generally cost anywhere from $300 to $4000, depending on the type and quality of the water softener as well as installation costs. If you have any questions about how often you need to regenerate your system, call the manufacturer and ask them. Some customers who buy very cheap budget softener equipment say that they need to upgrade after a few years to a better quality water softener. These tend to be necessary for larger homes, factories, commercial premises and industrial needs. To get an idea of the price of each unit, a 75,000-level water softener costs about $1,250. Check out this map to see if your area is likely to have a severe hard water problem. One of the most popular types of water softeners on the market today is salt-based ion exchange systems and reverse osmosis systems. I find that this is by far the most popular choice for customers as they offer the best option for soft water. Installation cost: $200 (for plumber or DIY). You also won’t be generating eight hot tubs full of wastewater per year, which is just icing on the cake. Water Softener vs. Water Filter: Which Do I Need? For one, if you’re looking for the cheapest option available, you’re probably going to want to go with a magnetic water softener. This water softener system cost article will give you just that and help you understand the reasons behind the prices. However, I no longer recommend Fleck as I think Pelican is better for the following reasons: Fleck does NOT filter your water. The Most Convenient, Cost-Effective, High Performance Water Softener System. The majority of water softeners will need you to adjust system settings manually to program how much salt is used in one water softening cycle. Last Updated on: January 9th, 2021 – Best Water Softener Reviews 2020: If you have come looking for the best water softener system or water softener reviews, then congratulations – you have landed on the right website. , the average person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. However, a combitionation filter softener will both soften and make your water drinkable at the same time. So, to wrap it up, let’s compare the theoretical costs for both a mid-range ion exchange system and a salt-free template-assisted crystallization system like the FilterSmart. Hardness, along with other undesirable minerals in water, cost businesses millions of dollars annually in plumbing repairs, energy consumption, premature replacement of equipment, fixtures and linens. Compare; Find My Store. We have very hard water and heavy iron. This does not even cover possible regular maintenance service and repairs. of water per year. You could roll the dice and buy a magnetic water softener anyway, with the hope that it at least works a little bit, but you might be throwing your hard-earned money away. Luckily, this only occurs once every five years or so. Water Softener Debris Disposal Costs to load and haul away old materials, installation waste and associated debris. There are plenty of factors that can influence the cost of a new water softener system. Even though this may seem like a lot of money, a water softener’s lifespan is … Not many water softening systems out there are easy-to-control. A big part of this because of its affordable price and great performance. Industrial water treatment encompasses a few main types, including Water Softener Costs. Total cost for one year of water softening: $887 (and an extra $150 every one to three years, depending on use). Budget and Low Cost Water Softeners ($300 to $450), Branded Mid-Range Manufacturers Water Softeners ($500 to $1650), Large Water Softener Systems (From $1650 To Over $5000), Sodium-based water softener salt cost approximately $5 for a 40-pound bag, potassium softener costs around $27 per 40-pound bag. But the bottom line is that getting a water softener is worth it. If you want a dual tank softening system, that will take up more space and cost a bit more for the products (on average between $950 and $2,000 for the tanks and related pieces). Thanks for your feedback, I’d be happy to help. Installation Costs. The Fleck AFW Filter, however, is one of those rare water softening systems which provides all these three gifts in the same box. With US Water Systems commercial water softeners, you’ll save on energy, equipment, plumbing repairs and general … The better a water treatment system, the more expensive it gets. Here is the the total water softener system cost, how much costs for water softener installation and EVERYTHING the plumbers WON'T tell you. They are designed to consume less water which also means lower operating costs. There’s no discharge. Water Softener System Cost A water softener system plus installation costs $1,500 on average with a typical range between $1,000 and $2,800. Initially, they are cheap to buy but the running costs will be high. Privacy Policy. The best part is that you can pick up any Fleck online today with free shipping. Typically, according to Fixr, the average installation cost for various systems looks like this: $400 for an ion exchange salt-based system. The condition and accessibility of the installation location of your home are additional factors. Winter Blowout Sale: Get an EXTRA 5% Off With Code: save5, Whole House Water Filter System- FS1000-1 Million Gallon, Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative System, Saltless Water Conditioner - FS500, Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener Alternative Combo - FS1500. However, the problem with magnetic water treatment is the lack of scientific evidence proving its efficacy. Your analysis of water softener was very helpful although I still need more information about iron removal. What Determines the Water Softener System Cost? The biggest difference between the types of water softeners is the use of sodium or potassium. If you have any questions about how often you need to regenerate your system, call the manufacturer and ask them. Based on the hardness of your water, they should be able to give you a good answer. It’s truly set-it-and-forget-it. These are low to no maintenance machines and they typically take care of themselves. Typically, a water softener that uses salt will be available for around $350-$500 and they shouldn’t require too much maintenance. To do this, you need to find out your household water’s hardness, so that your system can use the right amount of salt to efficiently soften water in the ion exchange process. So, not only do you have to factor in the cost of the system itself, you might even need to add anywhere from $400 to $1000 for installation. If you have a limited budget don’t automatically opt for the cheapest model because cheaper isn’t always better. The most common culprits for hard water are calcium and magnesium. Then, another 100 gallons on average will be used for regeneration. The labor and material costs can therefore be between $250 and $400 dollars extra. On the other hand, a no-salt system like our FS1000 doesn’t require anywhere near the professional installation costs as the other systems. Quotes we have received from local contractors have recommended systems that are softeners with iron filters which you don’t discuss in this article. You could look into renting a water softener system, or you could look into buying the cheapest water softener you can find, just so you can get rid of your dry skin problems. Then, another 100 gallons on average will be used for regeneration. Over the course of a year, that’s about ~3,650 gallons of waste water per year. There are several factors that affect the final cost, including the type of system you choose. Water softeners are characterized by their capacity, and their capacity is measured in grains per gallon (GPG). The amount that you ultimately pay to install a water softener depends on these factors. Whole home water softening systems require a softening source such as salt to get the job done. All water softening system cost wholesalers & water softening system cost manufacturers come from members. Learn More. Total cost for one year of water softening: $1440 (and an extra $110 every five years or so). Since this can get rather messy, a good alternative is a salt pellet like the Diamond Crystal Soft and Bright which comes as … Alternatively, check out this article to see if your house has the typical problems associated with limescale build-up. Monthly bag of salt: $10 (monthly bag of potassium: $25). Not too bad, of course, but enough to add up. Not everyone can or wants to spend upwards of $1,000 for a water softener, but clogged pipes can lead to an even costlier catastrophe. This website uses cookies to analyse our traffic. In that case, you’re probably going to stumble on a magnetic water softener that costs anywhere from $300-$600. With a water softener in the US you will use up to 75% less soap. Iron Pro and Fleck are considered the best types of water softeners. Over the course of a year, that’s about ~3,650 gallons of waste water per year. Water softeners generally cost anywhere from $300 to $4000, depending on the type and quality of the water softener as well as installation costs. A member of Angie’s List who installed a water softener in 2013 said they paid about $1,690. Some water softeners are going to require a professional installation by a specialist, while others are simple enough to do it yourself. The water softener itself might not cost all that much, but a huge part of the overall cost is in installation. Water softeners vary in cost depending on which type you go for. A bag of salt every month is going to run you anywhere from $7-12. If you have a three-person household, it’s safe to say you’re using roughly 300 gallons per day.

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